Vanbarton Group is a vertically integrated real estate investment manager with a 30-year track record investing in customized real estate strategies for large, sophisticated institutional investors.

Vanbarton is a privately owned, vertically integrated boutique commercial real estate firm founded in 1992 that invests in credit and equity strategies across multifamily, office, medical office, hospitality, and retail investments in the U.S. The Firm has a national market presence with offices on both U.S. coasts and an investment history across 20 states as both an owner and a lender. The Firm has been a registered investment adviser since 2002 and manages private funds and programmatic ventures with tailored investment strategies on behalf of a sophisticated institutional client base.

Vanbarton’s co-founders and team of seasoned professionals have a combined investing history of over 100 years, which spans several market cycles. During that time, the team has developed longstanding relationships with brokers, borrowers, lenders, and other prominent industry specialists. Vanbarton’s most senior investment professionals remain dedicated to having a hands-on involvement in sourcing, negotiating, and managing every transaction.


Vanbarton’s services include every phase of the real estate investment process, from sourcing and due diligence to asset management, property and construction management, risk management, account administration, and disposition.

Acquisitions and Credit Origination

The Firm’s acquisitions and credit origination function is responsible for deal origination, asset underwriting, loan finance, and physical, financial, and legal diligence. In addition, this group works closely with asset management personnel to proactively assess opportunities to maximize portfolio optimization.


Vanbarton has deep experience in large-scale redevelopments, repositionings, and ground-up development. The asset management team works closely with construction management groups to develop high-end, efficient products that meet the evolving needs of tenants.

Asset Management

The Firm’s asset management function is responsible for business plan development/implementation, leasing, construction management, strategic review/monitoring of investments, and hold/sell analysis in order to maximize each investment’s potential. For credit investments, the team monitors underlying collateral, loan covenants, and execution of the sponsor’s business plan.

Capital Markets

Vanbarton provides financing solutions for sponsors that face liquidity gaps for refinancings, new acquisitions, or capital infusions (situational financing) via whole loans, junior mortgages, mezzanine debt, and preferred equity. Vanbarton’s integrated credit-equity model allows Vanbarton to apply equity underwriting and operating skills when evaluating, originating, or structuring credit deals, and risk management and credit structuring skills to equity investments.

Property Management, Leasing, and Construction Management

Vanbarton has been a vertically integrated owner-operator since 1992 providing property management, leasing and construction management services. The team works closely with asset management to execute business plans and maintain assets in order to optimize value.

Accounting and Finance

The Firm’s treasury function is responsible for annual and quarterly financial reports, tax structuring, domestic and international JV structuring, and cash movements. This group actively participates in borrower, guarantor, and property financial review during the investment diligence process and throughout the hold period.

Reporting and Investor Relations

The Firm’s investor relations function is responsible for customized reporting, annual strategy review, market insight, preparation of marketing materials, and investor relationship management. The investor relations department is readily available to assist investors with all ongoing requests.

Legal, Compliance, and ESG

The Firm’s legal and compliance function is responsible for a wide range of legal matters associated with the Firm’s real estate activities. The legal department proactively participates in the diligence and negotiation processes of investments. Vanbarton’s COO oversees our Chief Compliance Officer, who is employed by a third-party regulatory compliance consulting firm. ESG implementation and initiatives fall under the purview of a senior ESG professional, who is overseen by Vanbarton’s COO.

Our Team

Gary M. Tischler

Founder & Managing Partner

Richard A.C. Coles

Founder & Managing Partner

Gila Cohen

Partner & Chief Investment Officer

Damiano Buffa

Principal & Chief Financial Officer

Trina Bigby-Sanders

Senior Advisor, Strategic Corporate Planning & Personnel Development

Carley Allen

Managing Director, Asset Management

Aminatou Bah-Hamzaoui

Accounts Payable Manager

Lizette Baptiste

Office Director

Frank Caccavo

Senior Vice President and Controller

Joey Chilelli

Managing Director, Asset Management

James G. Gale

Senior Vice President and Controller

Brett Geffner

Associate, Asset Management

Jonathan Goldman

Senior Associate, Finance

Jasmine Grammer

Records Director & Legal Administration Coordinator

Ryan R. Harding

Vice President, Global Investor Relations

Matt Hardy

Managing Director, Asset Management

Jonathan Kornblau

Senior Vice President, Asset Management

Sean Leahy

Senior Managing Director, Vanbarton Healthcare Group

Steve Leathers

Principal, Vanbarton Healthcare Group

Trevor Lundquist

Vice President, Asset Management

Katie Maleszewski

Managing Director, Investor Relations & ESG

Sumit Nihalani

Director, Acquisitions East Coast

Frank Scaffa

Director of Operations, Property Management and Construction (East Coast)

Alexia Shahvekilian

Senior Director of Operations, Property Management (West Coast)

Othaniel Stone

Accounts Receivable Director

Alexander Tendler

Vice President, Asset Management

Amy Xing

Senior Associate, Asset Management & Acquisitions