As a boutique firm with a team of experienced professionals, we pride ourselves on our nimble approach and adaptability in the midst of changing market conditions.

Our Approach

We have maintained a disciplined approach to investing, and our overall investment philosophy to seek opportunities where we see mispriced risk has been applied to a variety of market situations and client mandates. With our investors’ interests at the forefront, we continually challenge ourselves to ensure each asset is serving current and anticipated needs. From structuring deals to designing amenities and tenant spaces, we embrace creativity and innovation at all levels.

Wherever an investor operates on the risk spectrum – core or non-core – our philosophy is to:

  • Target quality assets in top-tier, high-growth markets with enduring characteristics
  • Seek out relative value to capitalize on inefficiencies in the market
  • Recognize when the risk-reward justifies investing in credit versus equity opportunities
  • Identify, maintain, and improve value through the operation and ultimate sale of the asset


Vanbarton's equity investment strategies span core, value-to-core, value-add, and development. The Firm's proactive approach during underwriting and ownership allows us to target differentiated investments and capitalize on market inefficiencies. Moreover, the Firm's active management enables us to provide certainty to counterparties and optimize the assets for their highest and best use.



Vanbarton's credit investment structures span the origination of senior mortgages, mezzanine lending, preferred equity, secondary market debt acquisitions, and securitized credit. Importantly, credit investments are underwritten through an equity lens, allowing us to have distinctive insight into the operation of the asset. We target investments with meaningful current income supported by well-capitalized, creditworthy sponsorship and secured by institutional-quality commercial real estate.

Senior Mortgage and Mezzanine Lending
Preferred Equity
Secondary Market Debt Acquisition
Securitized Credit

Competitive Advantages

Demonstrated Track Record

With a 30-year history of investing on behalf of institutional clients, Vanbarton Group creates value through customized and adaptable investment strategies and applying a disciplined investment approach to a variety of market situations. We pride ourselves on understanding and prioritizing the needs of our investors through comprehensive, integrated real estate services.

Nimble and Adaptable Platform

Vanbarton flexibly pursues targeted real estate strategies designed to capitalize on attractive risk-adjusted opportunities available in the market. Vanbarton is deliberate about tailoring its various credit and equity strategies to fit the constantly shifting needs of its investors.

High-Touch, Client-Centered Focus

We build close, active, trust-based relationships with investors that bring them into the investment process. Through frequent partner- and senior-level communication, we are able to understand and meet client objectives and manage capital expectations.

Extensive Industry Network

Vanbarton’s industry relationships offer attractive, off-market investment opportunities and the ability to uncover additional transaction value through proprietary sourcing. Vanbarton has a trusted reputation as a sophisticated investor that can underwrite, vet, structure, and provide certainty of close on complex transactions.

Sophisticated Investment Sourcing and Management Capabilities

Vanbarton offers full, in-house due diligence and investment management capabilities including acquisitions, asset management, property and construction management, development, legal, financing, accounting, and leasing. In addition, our national team has extensive experience sourcing and executing a variety of strategies, including large, complex urban development and management projects, mid-size repositioning and lease-up projects, and ground-up development.

Integrated Credit/Equity Approach

We are active in equity and credit across the risk spectrum with in-house capabilities and experience to effectively underwrite and manage both with the same level of granularity. This allows for a more comprehensive understanding of each investment and greater accuracy of its intrinsic value.


Vanbarton Group combines 30 years of tested experience with pioneering creativity to position investments to their highest and best use.