Investing in a
Better World

Vanbarton Group recognizes that our investment and management decisions directly impact the environment, our employee and tenant well-being, and surrounding communities. By embedding ESG best practices into our corporate, advisory, investment, and management activities, we strive to make a positive difference.

Vanbarton seeks to contribute to a safe, healthy, and enriching environment through our investment and management practices.

Corporate ESG Objectives

Minimize the environmental impact of our clients’ commercial real estate investments
Prioritize and seek to enrich occupant health, well-being, safety, and productivity
Regularly engage with stakeholders and industry peers to improve and evolve ESG processes and investment performance
Increase representation of diverse talent throughout the firm



The following foundational elements are regularly incorporated into Vanbarton’s ESG initiatives. These principles serve as pillars to a more effective and accountable ESG Program.


  • Utilize a data management system for data aggregation and analysis
  • Reporting and transparency
  • Real-time energy usage tracking and analysis


  • Training sessions on pertinent ESG topics
  • Best practices and supplemental resources
  • Professional certification support


  • Regular ESG communication with internal and external stakeholders
  • Partner with organizations that share our ESG values
  • Regular cross-functional engagement on ESG topics, best practices, and initiatives


  • ESG Committee oversees ESG implementation and initiatives
  • Compliance audit and oversight of ESG activities
  • Dedicated professional to formulate and progress ESG initiatives

Enhancing Properties through Sustainable Management

Integrating ESG throughout the investment process is vital to achieving our corporate objectives and operating sustainable, healthy, and resilient properties.

Vanbarton employs a systematic approach to ESG implementation starting with annual asset-level ESG reviews. The team refers to Vanbarton’s ESG best practices, which align with certain green building certification principles and industry-recognized best practices, to identify feasible initiatives to improve building performance and the occupant experience. Low-intensity, prescriptive baseline measures have also been established, and the ESG Committee reviews alignment with these measures on an annual basis. Properties are benchmarked annually, and ENERGY STAR certification is pursued for any eligible asset. Currently, 57% of the firm’s portfolio (based on square feet) holds ENERGY STAR and/or LEED certification. In 2022, Vanbarton became an official member of ENERGY STAR Certification Nation, which is a one-time recognition in celebration of ENERGY STAR’s 30th anniversary. The firm also commits to certifying new construction projects to a minimum of LEED Gold.

Providing the team with access to a range of solutions and information sources ensures a continual flow of knowledge and data that will inform ESG decisions throughout the investment process. This includes data management and tracking systems, training for the team on pertinent ESG topics and efficient operational processes, and guidance and engagement with industry groups, third-party experts, and stakeholders. Regular cross-functional engagement to discuss ESG matters supports the firm’s long-term goal of incorporating ESG into the fabric of the firm and brings additional accountability to the ESG Program.

ESG is rapidly evolving, and Vanbarton is committed to establishing a structure that will support the evolution and advancement of our ESG program and considerations.

Social Impact

Vanbarton believes that a diverse, equitable, and inclusive employee base is vital to progress as a company, attract and retain a talented workforce, and encourage creative and innovative thinking from employees. Therefore, we incorporate DEI considerations into recruitment, hiring, retention, and promotion practices. We believe that contributing to diverse, inclusive, and healthy spaces is not just vital to our progress as a company, but to the industry and our community as a whole. Vanbarton is a proud partner of the PREA Foundation and aligned with the foundation’s mission to advance diversity and inclusion of the institutional real estate investment industry.

Vanbarton is also committed to prioritizing and enhancing the health, wellness, and experience of building occupants. This is evidenced through the WELL Health-Safety Rating of 78% of our portfolio in 2022 (based on square feet) and our commitment to continue annual recertification. The team also regularly incorporates initiatives that support these objectives, including tenant engagement, social events, adding accessible outdoor spaces and fitness centers, and enhancing preventative maintenance checks and other operational processes.